Diamond Drilling

Diamond drilling has become a widely popular service in the construction industry. Our experienced engineers use the latest and most innovative technologies to ensure a high-quality diamond drilling service. Diamonds are the hardest naturally occurring material in the world, as a result, diamond drilling is the quickest method used to cut through a vast range of hard surfaces such as reinforced concrete and masonry. A rotary drill with a diamond drill bit is used to achieve precisely measured holes. A solid section of core debris is created to allow for fast and efficient waste removal, whilst diamond drilling also produces a low level of noise compared to percussive drilling methods.

Floor Sawing

Floorsawing is typically done with diesel, electric or hydraulically propelled saws. We can cut shallow scoreline, and move all the way up to 30 inch deep cuts. We have a fleet of flatsaws in various sizes to accommodate your job.

Track Sawing

Track sawing is the most efficient and precise method for creating openings in reinforced concrete and masonry structures for doors, vents, and windows. Compared to other concrete cutting tools, track sawing is seen as the most accurate and smooth cutting solution. Track sawing utilises a circular blade on a track-mounted machine, the track is attached to vertical walls, steep inclines, or floors. No gases or fumes are produced during this process making it a viable solution to limited working space.

Handheld Sawing

Our team at Elite Drilling Services Ltd use concrete ring saws in areas which can not be accessed with a road saw but require sawing to a greater depth than 150mm. A concrete ring saw is a handheld machine which can be used in conjunction with a hand saw to create cuts of up to 275mm in depth. Ring saws can cut through many hard materials, they are often used to cut concrete pipes, bricks, walls, and floors, whilst they can also be used for precision cutting to prevent damage.

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